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It Will Be Worth It

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I am impatient… I want to see the final result immediately. I wish things came easily to me every single time. The truth is though, some things take work. To get the right fit, sometimes you have to figure out what isn’t the right fit first… BUT… I promise you that any time I have […]


Find Yourself

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Today I want to start by saying: FIND YOURSELF! Why do we lose ourselves? Why do we let someone else’s version of what they view as “success” dictate how we feel about our own personal accomplishments and successes? Your journey isn’t ever going to look or be exactly like someone else’s and that is perfectly […]


Dealing with the past… Living in the present… Hoping for the best future.

You can't change your past

The title of this pretty much says it all. Dealing with the past… Living in the present… Hoping for the best future. If you’ve read some of my posts, by now you know that I am very open about my anxiety these days. I don’t share these feelings for sympathy though. I share them so […]


Anxious Mind, Giving Heart


I recently wrote about Fear & Anxiety, but I realized that I left out some crucial parts of what it’s like for the people experiencing the anxiety… especially the ones with an anxious mind and giving heart. This is probably the biggest, most consistent obstacle that I deal with as someone who experiences anxiety. It […]

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Meeting Wes (and our back story)


    This will be my first blog entry, because it is one of the most significant things that has happened in my life. I hope you all enjoy this blog and many others. I apologize now, because I tend to be a very long-winded, detailed person… So continue on, if you wish…       Back […]