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Lindsey Becker


“The Rissa Effect”


I started writing this blog on 8/31/2019 and I have been saving it for the right time. Now that I am officially moving into this new chapter and new role in my life, it feels like the right time to share this very special blog I’ve been holding on to. When I didn’t win the […]


Fall, Fail, or Fly… The Choice is Yours.

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Initially, I started writing this blog entry in January or February before the last blog I actually ended up publishing but I left it in draft mode because it didn’t feel complete. Since then, I went to beautiful Seattle, Washington for a “Hack-a-thon” for a conference hosted by Microsoft that was focused on improving the […]


Veterans Day


Every year, I try to make a point to make a post honoring our Veterans. My husband is a medically retired disabled Marine Corps Veteran and although he wasn’t injured in war, he wasn’t in for 20 years and he doesn’t deal with PTSD, I am proud of my Marine. Once a Marine always a […]

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When Passion Meets Purpose

Power of passion

I apologize for being off of the radar as far as putting out new blog posts, but if you have been following me on social media, you know that I definitely haven’t been slacking off. I hope you like the new website layout! Personally though, I have been in a unique transitionary period. It hasn’t […]