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By on August 23, 2017
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I realized I haven’t done an actual update on my life for you all since my grandfather passed a couple of months ago, so I’ll catch you all up on my life…

If you follow me on social media, you might know all of this already… If so, go check out my last post Total Eclipse In Our Hearts .

For everyone else… Here’s the latest…

This Saturday, I am going to be a part of an adult discussion panel for Spina Bifida Education Day in Nashville. I’m pretty excited because I love to share my experiences with others and hopefully help them in some way. Plus, these types of things always help me grow on a personal level in some way as well.

My 32nd birthday is in 2 days. We had a low-key get-together with some friends at the house this last weekend. I had a Princess Party. Yes… I am an almost 32 year old who had a princess party. #NoRegrets My princess cake was awesome and I love tiaras or silly hats, so I call that a win. We have some other plans for this weekend as well. Also, without a Princess Party, 32 would be kind of boring. On a completely unrelated note, I finally got my office finished (with the exception of finding a couch.) Getting my office finished has been a goal of mine for awhile now.

Princess “Pwinkie” Party:

Here are just a couple of pictures of my music-themed office:

Abrahm (our dog that had some medical issues a couple of months ago) is doing great… although he isn’t a fan of the fact that his belly fur still hasn’t grown back in.) Here’s an adorable picture of 2 of my fur babies (Lily & Abrahm) for the cuteness factor.

Jackson says he feels left out, so here’s a picture from his Snapchat antics as well.

The biggest thing coming up for me is that I’m competing again in the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee pageant on September 30th. To prepare, I’ve been working on my speech a lot this week, doing some research on the ADA and I’m going dress shopping soon too.

My hair is now purple and I LOVE it… I’ve been feeling kind of “blah” this week, so I DON’T love that.

Wes only has a little bit more time left to wear the splint on his hand from where he “hulked” a vase in his hand.

Also, here is a video of my FAVORITE Delivery Dude, Will. He’s my favorite because he’s always in the best mood and he’s friendly, which instantly makes my day better. Plus, he sings to me pretty much every time he delivers food to me now. This time, he sang a special song just for me.

I know that this post is pretty random and silly, but if you’ve been following my life over the past few months, you know that some of this silliness is a nice break from the sucky things that have been happening. This isn’t everything that has been going on by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a peek into my constantly chaotic (but sometimes pretty wonderful) life.

Happy Hump Day!

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