Total Eclipse In Our Hearts

By in eclipse, light, positive, positivity on August 22, 2017
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As I was reflecting on today’s total eclipse and how amazing and wonderful it felt, I was reminded of how the Universe was created and the fact that it all functions so harmoniously. If you think about it (no matter what you believe), it’s pretty incredible. The fact that every so often we get the opportunity to experience the beautiful phenomenon of light and dark coming together to create a moment like that is incredible to me. For that brief period, it removed me momentarily from everything else going on in life and I just took it all in today. I hope you did too!

Just like plants can’t grow in total darkness though… neither can you if you stay in total darkness all of the time. We shouldn’t be surprised when the light comes through. We NEED light. We need to find harmony. We need more positivity in the world. I don’t have all of the answers, but I DO know that we need to start being the light for each other. We need to start setting a positive example if we ever want to live in peace with one another. It’s so easy these days to allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in all of the bad stuff going on in the world and the things we disagree with that we forget that we have the ability to be a bright spot in the world. We have the ability to make the world a better, happier place. Why do we choose darkness so often? Darkness (while I believe can help you have a growing experience) isn’t always very productive if you stay in the darkness for too long. We need light to keep moving forward. We need light to stay on the path. We need light for life. Sometimes, we get so distracted by all of the darkness and negativity in the world that we forget that we have the ability to light our own path or light the path for others and to be a positive influence. Why aren’t we doing that more often?

I want to encourage you all to find the light in the darkness. If you can’t find the light, BE the light. I don’t care HOW you do it… Just do it. Be the positive example. Choose to be the light on the path of life for others.

Photo credit by Paul (my father-in-law)… His pictures were way cooler than mine… Although, I thought this one of mine was pretty too.

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