Veterans Day

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Every year, I try to make a point to make a post honoring our Veterans. My husband is a medically retired disabled Marine Corps Veteran and although he wasn’t injured in war, he wasn’t in for 20 years and he doesn’t deal with PTSD, I am proud of my Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine though. The men and women who have selfless made the decision to leave their families to keep others safe and to hopefully make a better life for their own families deserve to be shown respect today and every day.

To my husband: I know you are humble about your time in service, but thank you. Because of your decision to serve your country, we have a beautiful life together that I am thankful for every single day.

To my grandfather who was an Army Veteran: I miss you. Thank you for your service.

To my friends who recently made the decision to serve their country: Thank you. You make the world a little bit safer for the rest of us.

To my friends in other countries right now serving our country: Thank you will never be enough. I pray you come back home safe and sound. I am so proud of you!

To my friends who have served: Thank you for making the selfless decision to put your life on the line for others.

To the families who have had to send off their loved ones or even say a final goodbye to the Veteran in their life: I pray for your peace of mind. Thank you for also being selfless and supporting our Veterans.

To the Veterans who paid the ultimate price and are no longer with us: You will never be forgotten. Thank you will never be enough…



If you see a Veteran, be sure to thank them. Not just today, but every day. They make the world a little bit safer for the rest of us.

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