2 weeks of being an official “Pwinkie”

By on October 13, 2017
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I am now 12 days into my reign and with 3 appearances/events under my sash. I can honestly say that my life has already changed in some incredible ways. I knew that this title would have the ability to create some pretty amazing opportunities, but as I sit and reflect on the amazing things that have already happened in the past week and a half, I am grateful… I am grateful that so many people want to play a part in helping me create special memories. I am so grateful to have people that believe in me enough to support me in every single dream and goal. I am grateful to have been given the type of life that has helped me create a meaningful platform to share… and I am even more grateful to know that individuals (and even organizations) are helping me share my message… and that people want to hear my platform. I am grateful that people want to help me help others. I truly never imagined that my story, passions and journey could touch anyone else’s life other than my own, but I see it now. As much as I have always been an open book… and as much as I have shared with all of you over the past few years…. and as much as I have always wanted this opportunity and role… I truly underestimated the power of it all… It’s amazing…

In a world that only sees our inabilities at times, this has already been an opportunity for me to help find ways to reverse that mindset within some people. People with disabilities are often times looked at like they are the ones that need help. This is just an opportunity to reverse the mindset. Having people look at me like I am accomplishing something meaningful is amazing. Having little boys and little girls look at me and see the tiara and listening to them talk about something other than the chair means that people’s minds are opening just by being exposed to something like this. To have people make a beeline to get to me makes me feel so special. Being seen as a princess in the eyes of some incredible, innocent minds is amazing too. The tiara and sash have so much more meaning than I ever thought possible. This role has already changed my life. To see people from as far back as elementary school (like my best friend from school and my first grade teacher) come out and support me and to see their proud faces has given me confidence knowing that I have so much support. This experience has helped expose me to new and different experiences. It has challenged me and it has already helped me grow. I never thought that it was possible to feel all of that in 12 days, but I do.

Since last Saturday, I have done a parade in my hometown of Manchester, TN, I did a radio interview with Project Lips and I did a television interview with NECAT. Both of those clips should be coming out soon to listen to or view online soon. They were all very unique experiences and have challenged me, but have also helped me grow, gain confidence and get comfortable with speaking to people and sharing my message in different ways.

If you have been supporting me (and a lot of you have been), please know that I appreciate and love every single one of you. I have a lot more coming up too. I am meeting with a Nashville government official soon and I have a few other things planned that I will be sharing later.

If you would like to contribute to the gofundme account set up to help send me to Ms. Wheelchair America 2019 in August 2018, please click the link below:

Old Timers Day Parade in Manchester, TN (10/7/2017)

Project Lips radio interview (10/10/2017)


NECAT tv interview (10/12/2017)

NECAT in particular was a really cool experience because it gives people with disabilities a chance to learn the entertainment world. They get to learn how to use a green screen, set up shots and sets and they learn how to work cameras and how to interview people on live television, which is all great experience.

You can follow my Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2018 facebook page at facebook.com/MWTN2018 – You can also find me on Twitter @MWTN2018LindsB and Instagram at lindseybeckermwtn2018

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