An open letter to a society that has stopped listening…

By in advice, diversity, hate, love, peace, society, unity on September 25, 2017
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I tend to try to stay publicly neutral when it comes to hot topic issues, but for some reason this is what is on my heart… My actual stance on these issues is irrelevant. That’s not the point of the message I want to share right now. I have a million other things that I could be doing for myself right now, but I felt like this needed to be read by someone. I’m hoping and praying that it makes a difference for at least one person. Right now, as fired up as I am about all of the things that I see that I disagree with on social media, I am RIGHT NOW actually going to choose to use my position and spread a different message. Love. Understanding. Unity. Compassion. Maybe I feel the need to address it because social media has only triggered our awareness to these issues and has given me the choice of either speaking up or remaining silent… or maybe it’s because these issues really need to be addressed. I think it’s both, but either way, we’re not listening to each other anymore. No one has any idea what the other is really mad about because we’re now all mad about EVERYTHING and we’re not listening to the other side. We’re so focused on the negativity that we’re missing the positivity altogether. We’re so busy pointing out where others are “wrong” that we’re not doing our part to truly be better and make things right.

We’re all yelling so loudly that we’re all becoming deaf. Emotionally, we’re all shutting down. Communication is lacking. There are so many keyboard warriors that are “yelling” for peace… but in reality, they’re contributing to the chaos. Worst of all, we’re so busy trying to prove our own points that we’re missing the bigger picture… We have to share this amazing, wonderful, diverse melting pot. We should WANT to make it the best and most peaceful environment ever… not just for ourselves and our current situation but also for future generations. We have to start opening our minds and more importantly our hearts. Until we choose to come from a position of love and understanding and make the choice to stop meeting hate and anger with more hate and anger, we will never grow though. We will never grow as people or as a united nation in a positive direction. Unity will never come if all we ever do is yell from our corner and we don’t move toward true compassion, true understanding, and love.

I want to challenge each of you… Take a breath. Think before you speak or react… and also think about how you would feel if you were on the other side of the fence. If you don’t understand something or how “the other side” feels, ask questions. Educate yourself on the issues. Try to keep an open-minded, understanding dialogue… At the very least, agree to disagree and move on. There are so many different ways to acknowledge that you don’t agree with something. They don’t all have to end with a message of hate.

Finally, if you want to see a positive change, it has to start within… It starts within your own heart, mind and actions.

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