God’s plans are bigger than our own

By on October 1, 2014
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I always knew that I had a passion for music… It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has ever interacted with me… but after my most recent birthday and meeting Keith Urban & after developing a very good friendship with a girl (ironically, also named Lindsey) who works as an Entertainment Attorney and has the same passion for music that I have…. I realized I NEED to pursue something in the music industry. The week after my birthday, Wes came home to me in tears (yes… TEARS) because I realized I NEEDED to do something in the industry. I started working on fixing up my resume and applying for jobs. I finally came across and internship position for a radio promoter. I thought “Hmmm… I’ve never even THOUGHT of doing anything radio-related, but that sounds fun. What the heck?” and submitted my resume… Within 2 hours, I had a job interview lined up. I went a few days later and got the position. I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened! 3 weeks ago, I started working as a part-time intern 3 days a week on MUSIC ROW (the dream location to me), across the street from people like Taylor Swift & Rascal Flatts. This particular job may not end up being where I end up staying forever, but I can honestly say that I go in EXCITED every day to be working in this atmosphere and industry. I’ve never gotten this feeling from ANYTHING else I’ve ever pursued in my life. It’s amazing…

We all hopefully have goals for life. A LONG time ago, I thought I’d be married, with children and teaching 1st grade… and while I pursued those things and did end up getting married; I had other dreams, but they never seemed logical or realistic. I wanted to become a successful singer, or so I thought… but over time, God revealed my strengths to me, one-by-one, little by little and now it’s hard to picture what my life would be like otherwise. I never pictured myself having a true artistic talent, but then God showed me that I needed to step back from school and pursuing my teaching degree to take time for me. Through that, I discovered my ability to do calligraphy. Never in my life did I think I would be a housewife with the ability to travel with my husband for trips, but God has given me that little blessing as well. Never, EVER in my life did I really think that God would line up things in my life so much that I could pursue anything in the music industry, but HE DID! I’m realizing that there is a place for people like me that have a passion for music, but would never truly pursue it as a musician…. and there are even opportunities popping up for me to use my creative calligraphy skills as well now & feel like I finally have a place and a worth in this business.

I keep wondering why I didn’t go after this sooner, but I just don’t think it was the right time. I think I had to have the “A-HA moment” to truly appreciate where I’m at right now. It just goes to show you though, that everything happens for a reason and sometimes things just fall into place if you trust your gut & trust God’s plan… Some things are just “meant to be”. I can’t wait to see what big things God has in store for me next!

    • Wes
    • October 1, 2014

    I'm glad you finally found something that truly fits your passion. I can't imagine you doing anything else. I know you have a LOT to bring to the music industry. I'm excited to see you get your wheel in the door, and I know that bigger and better jobs are going to see you and realize they need more people like you working for them 🙂

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