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I will apologize now, in case this entry is a lot like my “Blessings” post from December. God had truly blessed me with so many amazing experiences and people in my life, that I felt like I needed to express it in this entry.

Can you believe it is September already? This year sure has flown by! I have to share some exciting news… For my birthday in August, my husband had gotten us tickets to a Keith Urban concert in Atlanta (by now, if you’ve read my 101 things in 1,001 days, you would have seen that my #1 (and my #2) were Keith Urban related. I had several friends working to make this happen for me. I got a call from my close friends, Ron & Jen about 2 weeks before the concert that Jen went to school with one of Keith’s songwriters and that they were able to get me on the Meet & Greet list. I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was an amazing experience! He was amazing, sweet, humble and very endearing. He even took the time to flip through every page of my autograph book and say that he was in “good company” and showed excitement over it and even signed it, even though he wasn’t supposed to do autographs during the Meet & Greet. It was such an awesome experience. I don’t think that I could possibly express how excited & nervous I was getting to meet my favorite singer & that he seemed genuinely happy that I was able to be there, especially after I had told him a little about myself and what I have been through with Thyroid Cancer in the past year. I made him something small, but meaningful with my favorite lyrics from my favorite song of his and wrote about myself a little bit and what getting to be there meant to me. He mentioned during his concert that he meets a lot of people in the Meet & Greets “going through hard stuff” and how much it means to have support from everyone. I can only hope that was indirectly meant for me? *wishful thinking*

This leads me to my point of this entry… I am overwhelmed and humbled and truly blessed by all of the love, kindness, support, interest and excitement that people have shown in trying to make this experience happen for me. The fact that I had 3-4 different people trying to make this happen and to have a total stranger say “Sure, I’ll try to make this happen for her”. means SO much to me. I feel so undeserving of some of the wonderful things that I have happened in my life over the past year, but I will be forever grateful for it all. My friends made me feel truly special this year for my birthday. From what seemed like unending gifts and sweets, to getting to meet Keith Urban, to being surrounded by so many people who wanted to be there for me and celebrate one night. It all means so, so much!

Not just in my birthday this year, or my journey with Thyroid Cancer, but also in the fact that so many people have been really encouraging and supportive to me since I recently decided to pursue getting an internship (and hopefully eventually) a job in the music industry. It has gotten me so excited… and even more exciting, I have an interview on Thursday! I’ve been doing a lot of praying in the past year especially, that God would reveal to me exactly the direction I should take in my life that would make me feel fulfilled. Ideally, my dream job would be to work for a big name like Keith to some degree, but if I can use my writing and incorporate it into the music business, I think that would be very fulfilling. I know that wherever I end up, God is guiding me in the right direction. The fact that I have so much support in this idea shows me that it might just be exactly where I’ll end up. I had thought it was just a dream, but it seems like it could become a reality!

Alpharetta, GA 8/24/2014 Meet & Greet with Keith Urban 🙂

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