Bettering yourself

By on July 6, 2014
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So a friend of mine posted a 101 things in 1,001 days list of things he would like to do in 1,001 days and I loved the idea, so I made my own. I’ll post that as its’ own blog post in a minute, but one of the things I had put on my own list proved to be harder than I ever thought it would be, which made me sad, but the one thing was “Make a list of 25 things I like about myself”… I thought piece of cake! Wrong! It’s harder than it seems. I encourage everyone to make their own because it does make you feel better about yourself, but it made me think… What do I bring into this world to make it special or what do I do that makes others around me like me? Enjoy & consider doing the same! I’m all for making my life better and figuring out how to improve myself as a person. Here’s my list:
1. My faith
2. My moral compass
3. My eyes
4. My desire to better myself
5. My desire to try and accept things, people and situations as they are
6. My compassion
7. My willingness to try new things
8. My willingness to listen or give advice based off of my own personal struggles or experiences
9. My desire to want to do little things for people to make their day better
10. My love of music
11. My love of children
12. The fact that I’m emotional
13. The fact that I’m passionate
14. My desire to travel & see new place
15. The fact that I love meeting new people & making new & different friends
16. My desire to make parties/get-togethers enjoyable
17. My quirkiness
18. My girlyness
19. My calligraphy skills
20. My love of crafting
21. That I *TRY* to be patient with people in retail when others are being rude
22. My ability to *USUALLY* be able to bite my tongue when strangers make rude comments or wrong assumptions about my situation or life
23. My desire to educate people
24. My desire to want to make someone else feel pretty
25.  The fact that I think I will be a great mom some day

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