101 Things in 1,001 Days

By on July 6, 2014
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So a friend of mine posted a 101 things in 1,001 days list of things he would like to do in 1,001 days and I loved the idea, and decided it would be a great way to help me cope with my Thyroid Cancer diagnosis, so I made my own. I’m loving this experience and I’ve already faced one of my biggest fears (a ferris wheel). Here are my 101 things. **** denotes that they are completed. ORANGE denotes in progress. I will update this list as I go along, so you all can see my progress. I have from June 27, 2014-March 24, 2017 to complete my list. Enjoy!

****1. Meet Keith Urban & get a picture together (8/24/2014-Alpharetta, GA)
****2. Get backstage to a concert (Saving Abel – 12/19/2015)
****3. Travel more than 3 1/2 hours for a Keith Urban concert (8/9/2014-Virginia Beach,VA)
****4. Go to the CMT Awards (6/8/2016)
5. Finish my song (or at least get close) and share it with at least one person I respect in the music industry for advice/critiquing/helping complete it
****6. Take at least 1 guitar lesson (2/28/2017)
****7. Go to a real music studio (RCA Studio – 5/19/2016)
****8. Go to CMA Fest (6/10/2015-6/14/2015)
****9. Go to a concert or show that I wouldn’t normally pick myself (Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins 8/9/2015)
****10. Donate at least $100 in total from own allowance to local musicians(12/4/2014)
****11. Listen to every song in my iTunes library at least once (5,000+ songs) (2/25/2016)

****12. Visit Colorado (10/16/2014-10/20/2014 – THYCA conference)
****13. Visit New York & see the Museum of Disabilities, Times Square, a Broadway show & the 9/11 Memorial (4/9/2015-4/17/2015)
14. Go to the Ellen Degeneres Show
****15. Travel to Philly to meet the penguin we adopted, Murray, at the Philadelphia Zoo & see the LOVE statue (by February 2015) & visit Laurie, Samantha, Sean, Kate & Tommy – (We didn’t get to make it until 3/17-3/18/2015 & we didn’t have our penguin adopted anymore, but the trip was partially booked by this time, so I’m counting it. lol) (3/17/2015-3/18/2015)
****16. Go to Yellowstone & the Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming (3/8/2017-3/13/2017)
17. Take a random, impromptu road trip
18. Go to the Kentucky Derby

****19. Go to the Frist art museum for a day (7/29/2014)
****20. Visit the Nashville Zoo (4/23/2016)
****21. Go to the new Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum again (7/29/2014)

****22. Be more active in the thyroid cancer community and attend 3 major events or conventions
****23. Do at least 5 different volunteer activities
****24. Volunteer to serve a meal on a holiday at a homeless shelter (2/14/2017)
****25. Donate $50 a month to charity ($1,600+)(7/1/2014-3/1/2017)
****26. Donate time, money, food, treats or toys to an animal shelter (8/13/2016)
****27. Plant something on Earth Day (4/22/2015)
****28. Pay for a stranger’s meal(3/24/2017)
****29. Do something nice for someone in the military (9/12/2016)
****30. Do something really nice for the homeless man downtown (10/28/2014)
****31. Perform 50 acts of kindness(7/9/2014-11/17/2016)

****32. Take an art class of some kind: pottery/craft/painting (glass blowing – 8/31/2016)
33. Do 3 craft fairs with my calligraphy work (2 of 3 as of 10/4/2015)
34. Do something crafty or creative to showcase all the music-related experiences I’ve had
****35. Take a cake decorating class(2/16/2017)
****36. Finish a 1,000+ piece puzzle(7/24/2016)
****37. Finish a scrapbook (5/1/2016)
****38. Learn how to do a new craft that I enjoy (magnets – 10/3/2015)
****39. Get a bigger light board for calligraphy (8/25/2014)
40. Try to design a new logo for LBDesigns
****41. Design my own mandala(6/6/2016)
****42. Paint at least 1 more painting(5/1/2015)
****43. Complete a Pinterest project (12/18/2014 Christmas Card Holder)

****44. Drink ONLY water for 1 week (2/1/2015 to 2/7/2015)
****45. Still be working out at the gym AT LEAST 1 x a week… Ideally 3 x’s a week. (3/24/2017)
****46. Complete 2 half marathons
Murfreesboro Middle Half 2:13:25 (10/11/2014)(Beat previous best time by 3 minutes)
Murfreesboro Middle Half 2:17:42 (10/11/2015)
****47. Complete 3 5k’s
We Run The Row 5k 34:47 (9/13/2014)
Viva La Diva 37:08 (11/5/2016)
650 AM WSM/Springer Mountain Farms 5k Run & Walk 33:01 (3/18/2017)
(3 of 3 completed as of 3/18/2016)
48. Try to learn to swim
49. Try a Zumba class
****50. Donate blood (if possible)(3/16/2017)
****51. Slow carb diet for at least 1 month (1/5/2015 to 2/5/2015)

****52. Go see at least 1 dance-related performance (SYTYCD at the Ryman 11/17/2014)
****53. Go to a dinner theater (8/14/2015)
****54. Go see a musical (Chicago at TPAC 10/25/2014)

55. Fluently know the alphabet in sign language with a few basic words
****56. Rent a limo for a special occasion(11/28/2016)
****57. Audition for a show or play or something(Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2017 – (I won 1st runner-up and Ms. Congeniality – 10/15/2016)
58. Spend 24-48 hours without my phone
****59. Spend 1 week completely off Twitter & Facebook (6/25/2016-7/2/2016)
****60. Have $1,000 in savings & no debt (12/26/2014)
****61. Go water OR snow-skiing again (3/9/2017-3/10/2017)
****62. No fast food for a month (1/5/2015-2/8/2015)
****63. Make a list of 101 things I’m thankful for 7/15/2014)
****64. Make a notebook full of my favorite quotes or verses (8/7/2014)
****65. List 25 positive things about myself (7/6/2014) This was harder than I ever thought it would be.
66. Do a 50’s style photoshoot
****67. Release a sky lantern with my favorite quote on my 30th birthday(8/25/2015)
****68. Move out of Murfreesboro & into a place that could be our “forever home”(6/25/2016)
69. Health permitting, attempt again to start having a family (looking into almost all available options as possibilities)
****70. Have an entire “me” day, with a manicure, pedicure, facial & massage (5/28/2015)

****71. Go to a Farmer’s Market (6/20/2015)
****72. Take a winery tour (11/3/2016)
73. Go to a food festival
****74. Make a pie on Pi Day (3/14/2014)
75. Attempt at least one recipe a month
****76. Attempt to make 5 new dessert recipes (12/6/2015)
****77. Get an Easy Bake Oven & try to make at least one thing on it (5/8/2016)
78. Organize my collection of recipes
****79. Try 25 new restaurants I’ve never been to (7/3/2014-11/6/2015)
****80. Make some bread from scratch (7/11/2016)
****81. Try an adventurous food I’ve never had before (lychees – 7/8/2016)

****82. Indoor sky diving because I’m terrified of doing it (10/29/2016)
****83. Wear no makeup for one day and go out in public (3/23/2015)
****84. Get on a ferris wheel- This was literally the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. We went to Disneyland for the 4th of July & my best friend, Tara & my husband, Wes went with my on Mickey’s Fun Wheel. It was like a ferris wheel, but scarier. I will NEVER do this again, and it did absolutely NOTHING for my fears. (7/4/2014)
****85. Go to a haunted house (10/27/2016)
****86. Go to a place that is known for being haunted (“Ghost Lights” in Chapel Hill, TN – 10/26/2016)

****87. Coordinate another even (not counting my reunion coming up) (Ron and Jen’s Baby Shower for Corbin 4/26/2015)
****88. Write something and/or submit our story or one of my blogs to a magazine or online (Submitted a blog to Cosmopolitan – 1/29/2017)
89. Put $10 in Savings for every goal completed (totaling $1,010) ($830 as of 3/24/2017)
****90. Have a picnic (11/3/2016)
****91. Be in the audience of a live talk show or game show- Wes & I got to be in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live! It was an awesome experience and at least one friend spotted us in the audience during the recording 🙂 (7/2/2014) & David Letterman for one of his last shows ever (4/15/2015)
****92. Finish my 2-3 old rolls of film on disposable cameras and get them developed (8/6/2014)
****93.Finish completely 30 books (6/30/2014-1/31/2017)
****94. Read 5 biographies (8/5/2016)
****95. Go to a drive-in movie (3/5/2017)
****96. Let Wes pick out & buy an outfit of his choice for me to wear out (skull shirt & leather pants for Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins concert (8/9/2015)
97. Get a quilt made with my t-shirts
****98. Send out Christmas cards (2014 & 2016)
****99. Do bumper cars (7/4/2014 – We went to Disneyland & Wes & I did them).
****100. Watch a meteor shower (5/5/2015)
****101. Send a message in a bottle (8/20/2016 in Virginia Beach)

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