Happy Veterans Day!

By on November 12, 2013
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Got in just under the wire, with 7 minutes to spare. First off, Happy Veterans Day! I’m so proud to be married to a veteran that served our country. It’s hard to not sound generic on anything I could possibly say about the men & women serving our country. I have never personally lost someone to a war or fighting for our country (thankfully), so that’s not what this entry is going to be about. I just wanted to acknowledge the date, because I am very proud of my friends, family, and especially my husband, that did & do serve our country. I cry (or at least get weepy) every time they show a soldier coming home, proposing, or seeing his child for the first time on television, in a news article, or at a hockey game. Lol. It makes me actually thankful that Wes was injured in a motorcycle accident, instead of war (I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of having a loved one injured or killed in war) & I’m thankful I didn’t have to experience the emotional pain of losing a soldier I loved, in war either. That being said, it makes me sad to see so many people out partying and “raising their glasses” and cheering for the ones who fought for our country, because it makes me wonder if people truly get the concept that people have actually laid their lives on the line for people’s freedom & probably saw horrible, unforgettable things in the process. I still have the images of the day that the the American troops killed Osama bin Laden. Maybe this makes me un-American, but because I’m human and bin Laden was still a human being (as terrible as he was), it saddened me to see these drunk Americans climbing on the gates of the White House cheering the death of someone. I’m not by any means justifying his actions or saying what he did was right, or that we were wrong for killing him, but to rejoice in the death of another person saddens me. I guess I was so ashamed of & mortified by the behaviors of some of my fellow Americans, that I couldn’t have the peace in my heart to know that the terror he caused was finally over. I just felt the need to remind people that holidays like Veteran’s Day, Independence Day & Memorial Day all have a deeper meaning than cookouts, days off and drinking with your buddies (although those are all fun events) & next time you see a veteran, please thank him for his service. It means a lot to them & their families. I know this isn’t on the “meant to be” side of things, but this topic comes to my mind on every patriotic holiday, especially Veterans Day. Thank you to those who fought for our freedom!  Ooh rah!

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