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By on September 9, 2013
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    This has been on my mind for awhile now. As positive as try to be in my life and trust & have faith in God that he has the direction for my life, I’m sure I (like many other people) can get a little off track, whether it’s in your walk with Christ if you’re a Christian, or you just allow yourself to get off track from a goal you’re trying to reach… At times it’s easy to get distracted with life.

    For me, at times, I lean on others to help me get back on track with life and my goals or to just build me up. I had a couple of friends kind of jolt me back into reality and made me realize that even though I am a Christian, and leaning on people for support, I was leaning on the wrong person or people for support. At first, I thought I should be leaning on Wes more, and yes, I need to some, but more importantly… I need to lean on God. I need God in my life and He should always be the center of my faith. I’m the type of person that feels the need to be surrounded by people when I’m going through tough life situations, but I’m very dependent on my faith and for some reason, even though I hadn’t totally lost sight of God, I wasn’t depending on Him and having faith (true faith) to help me know that I will get through these rough patches.

    Some people are so confident, that they have all of their faith in themselves, and know that they can do everything for themselves without anyone or anything else getting them through. I am not one of those people. Yes, when it comes to my disability, I have learned to adapt and I can pretty much handle anything thrown at me, and if I can’t, that’s when I know to call up a friend or hire someone to do a job, but I make sure things get done. I have confidence in myself that I can recognize when I have done something well, but sometimes I let doubt get in the way and I don’t pursue my goals because I lack faith in myself that I can pull it off. I often let fear take over the faith I have in myself. Part of that for me is that I know deep down, in the end, it will work out because God is guiding me in the right direction, but sometimes God gives you different paths to choose and if you don’t choose a direction, God can’t move you forward if you’re not willing to do some work yourself. There are times that you are weak and God will carry you, but then there are times that you let your weaknesses stop everything that good that God has planned for you in its tracks. It’s like when you have a big project for school and you choose to not complete it and you get an F. The teacher gave you the option: Do the work and get a good grade or don’t do the work and get a bad grade. This is kind of the same thing for me, especially in my writing, but more so with my calligraphy. I recognize my talents, but I’ve been letting fear take over so much that I wasn’t getting anything done. I had to recognize that and for me, the closer the deadlines get, the more motivated I get.

    I’ve had this subject on my mind all week, and I told myself I didn’t need to wait past Sunday to write it, because I have a busy week ahead of me & because it would never have the same feeling.  Sometimes, things won’t be handed to you and you have to take the initiative to do a little bit of the work to help God work in your life as much as He wants to, and just stop making excuses for why things aren’t improving in your life, or things aren’t exactly where you expected them to be.

    I know that the point of writing these blog entries has been to not only help me heal from my sometimes difficult situations, but to also help someone else too. As much I kept making excuses all week as to why I wasn’t writing this entry, I feel like God keeps reminding me, that it’s more than just about writing… It’s about helping someone else. It’s about sharing my words to move someone else forward in their life as well. I know that this is one of my shorter entries, but I hope that this has helped someone. God can provide everything you need in your life, but if you don’t use what He has given you, then you’ll never fully be able to see what His ultimate plan for your life is.


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    I had this conversation with a couple friends tonight. I let fear control me and it has held me back on a lot of different things. It's a vicious cycle because when I don't have confidence in myself, other people see it and I don't succeed in things. When I don't succeed, I feel bad about myself and it lowers my confidence.

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