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Since I can’t sleep… After I dove right into spilling my heart out on the screen to you all, right off the bat, I realized tonight that I hadn’t really done an actual introduction of myself to those of you who don’t know me personally (or for those of you who want to know more, but don’t feel like reading the long blogs I’ve written in the past. For those of you who haven’t read my previous blogs, I really started this whole blog as a way to not only openly and honestly share my experiences I’ve had in life, but to also hopefully touch someone’s life or inspire them in some small way. I realized that I could actually look back on my past & see that the outcomes in situations in my life were meant to be, even if I couldn’t see that at the time of certain events throughout my life. Realizing that gives me a whole new perspective on my own life. I hope that when people read my entries, that they can feel me in every single one of them. I don’t want any of my entries to be made without a purpose. I don’t want them to just be words on a screen to some people. I will link you to some of my previous blogs throughout this entry… but here’s a little (okay, A LOT) on me…

Hi! I’m Lindsey (but I love being called Linds. I can tell who really knows me when they call me that (I find it endearing for some reason). I’m from Tennessee. I’m 27 (turning 28 in a matter of days) *gasps* (Aug. 25th for any of you who want to send me a gift.. Just kidding!). I love the Lord… I love people… I’m in a wheelchair… You can read more details about that here. I’m married to wonderful man… You can read the story of us and how we met here… I love, love, LOVE music… You can read why I love music so much and why it is important to me here

I’ve learned a lot about myself recently; I’ve learned what I can handle, what I will put up with & how much I’ve grown in the past couple of years as a person, especially once I allowed myself to be a little bit more selfish recently & was forced to really take care of my own well-being for once. That being said, I’m one of those people who, if you show me some kindness, love & true support and friendship, you will get it back from me whenever possible. I’m passionate (which is usually a good thing, but not always). I’m an extremely sensitive person & little too self-aware at times. I’m a little too honest sometimes too, but I never intentionally say things to hurt people, only to help them see things from a different perspective. I’m a people-watcher. I’m pretty OCD. I’m as girly as they come. I love makeup and getting all dressed up. I’m spoiled (by my husband), but I appreciate every bit of it. I love traveling & meeting people from all walks of life. I remember people way too easily (it’s kind of scary at times how good my memory is).

I love quotes (as you’ll be able to from some of my entries). I’m a very emotional and expressive person, which is why I love music & dance so much. I thought for a LONG time I wanted to teach, (I also talk about this in a previous blog) but after some time off from school, I realized I wanted to do a lot of things. I’m glad I decided to stop going to school, because I got to experience different things in life because of that one decision. It really has opened up my world. I may end up going back to school someday. If I could be a wife/mom/singer/songwriter/writer/calligrapher/psychologist/baker/dancer/artist/inspirational speaker all rolled into one, I would be… but since I can’t, I’ve tried to tackle one thing at a time. For now… calligraphy is my niche. You can check out some of my work here. As I’ve said, I talk about a lot of this in some of my previous blogs.

I think that sums me up pretty well for now. Sorry I used the word “I” so much, but this was supposed to be all about ME anyway, right? lol Forgive me if my punctuation is kinda funky on this one for now. That’s just what happens when I get on a roll *no pun intended* 😉  & start really writing from the heart (or if I get in rambling mode! LOL). Hopefully you’ve learned a little bit more about me. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts on my blog! I love feedback, because it helps me keep focused & have direction.

<3 Linds

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    We are more alike than I even knew. I actually think it was "meant to be" that we became friends. I remember ( I have a great memory also) meeting you and Wes very briefly at conference and then friending you on Facebook. Then you reached out to me as a source of support when someone was rude to me. Had that never had happened we may have never gotten closer.

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