Met a real survivor tonight.

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    I plan on doing a blog on just my entire Thyroid Cancer process (I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Papillary Thyroid Cancer in June… I will do a blog on that probably next, because it is a significant part of my life.
    Wes & I decided to make it out to see one of our favorite singers at Bluebird Café tonight. We weren’t even sure we would even get a reservation, but there was one spot left, so they let us reserve a table anyway… We were planning to leave right after his “round” with 3 other singers. It just so happened (or this was meant to be) that after the first round, there was a second one that was a benefit show & all proceeds went to a woman named Tammy Akers (A Breast Cancer Survivor)… It was $20/person to get in, but since it was for a good cause and since I know how scary cancer is in many aspects now, since I’ve gone through it myself, we decided to stay… and I must say, it was meant TO BE…

    The songs were amazing, and not only did they put the $20/person (up to 200 people) towards proceeds for her, but it gave me hope. I didn’t expect her to be there (I didn’t know she was a survivor at the time).. I thought it was just in her honor. At the end of the night, I was debating on whether or not I should introduce myself to her, but Wes thought I should and I am so thankful I did! She was such a sweet-spirited and positive person and although I can’t imagine everything she went through, she is an amazing person, despite everything she is going through. I remember feeling silly during the last song of the night, because here I am crying over being sad about my Thyroid Cancer and here is this woman going through so much more… I was hesitant to introduce myself, but Wes encouraged me to, so we went over and we shared my story with her, met her amazing support system and she made me feel so much better. She reassured me that it was okay to have the feeling of being scared over my own situation and that no matter what type it is, cancer, radiation or any chemotherapy (or any medical issue) is a scary thing to go through. The crazier part was that the more I got to know her and her lovely friends, I learned that one of the ladies had lost her daughter at a young age, I believe to an accident. She and I were talking and I told her my name & the whole group of girls got really emotional. She gave me a rubber bracelet that says “1.25.13 Loving Lindsey”… None of us could believe the coincidence. I have to say, I was meant to meet these wonderful group of ladies.
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    • Wes
    • August 10, 2013

    That was an awesome night. I didn't think there was any chance we would get in. But we were meant to be there and meet her. Any night you can meet some new great people is a good night 🙂

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    Another "meant to be" moment in your life. Maybe YOU are meant to be an inspiration to others. <3

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